Category Management

We turn premium products into hits

High-quality, species-appropriate pet food is a key requirement for a successful range. There’s another factor, though, which turns premium products into real hits with the public: professional category management. We have particular expertise here, based on our many years of experience. We know which product lines will work with which customer groups.

In working with us, you benefit from all the value-added services needed to optimise your range. We advise you on all aspects around the composition of your range as well as determining the right quantity. From planning individual shelf modules to modifying your offering or setting up entire pet food departments, we are the right partner. We offer end-to-end solutions and get the most out of every metre of shelf space for you.

When it comes to ongoing customer care, we likewise provide services that add real value. Because it’s a fast-moving sector, we offer timely management information, including detailed analysis. Our monthly update service enables you to monitor exactly how your product lines are performing and respond quickly to any changes. We are happy to support you with store modifications and refits. If required, we can also assist you in launching new product lines at short notice.

Our service-oriented approach includes ongoing, personal support through our sales team and practical product training in the form of regular workshops.