We are only satisfied when your customers are satisfied

Your customer – the end customer – has one top priority: for their pet to have the best possible life. That’s why animal health and well-being is our top priority – from dogs, cats and horses to wild or pet birds.

Our approach to quality is designed around that goal:

  • Our production operations are certified in accordance with the International Food Standard (IFS). Specifically, they have higher level certification – well above the industry average. This translates into pet food that meets the very highest food standards.
  • All our business processes are subject to quality management. This includes maintaining the highest hygiene standards in relation to staff, the workplace, our products and processes. Regular internal and external audits ensure that quality remains consistently high, while also providing feedback for continuous improvement of our processes. In addition, we have the flexibility needed to accommodate your specific quality requirements.
  • We only employ qualified, well trained staff who also undergo continuing professional development. As such, our employees are kept updated on the latest customer requirements, product knowledge and service quality. Our staff also enjoy a high level of autonomy, which accelerates decision-making and makes us more responsive to your needs.
  • Our integrated approach to the entire value chain – from production through to delivery – maximises our ability to deliver on time. Smart supply chain management allows us to respond flexibly to short-term peaks in demand.

As the above shows, we have a wealth of experience, deliver maximum product safety, are strongly focused on customer needs and committed to meeting deadlines. All are prime ingredients for the quality people expect from Stroetmann. Because we are only satisfied when your customers are satisfied.

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