Species-appropriate pet fooddelighting rodents, wild birds and pet birds

Animal lovers who keep their eyes and ears open will have noticed that blue tits, green finches and other birds in our woods, fields and gardens are less evident with each passing year. Rodents are likewise under threat from dwindling resources and habitats. We are responding to this challenge with species-appropriate pet food.

Our elles® brand offers everything needed to preserve biodiversity: species-appropriate pet food produced in-house by a family-run business, making it particularly high quality and safe. Whether their passion is for rodents, wild birds or pet birds, animal lovers of all ages can rely on the fact that our range is designed to cater specifically to individual feeding habits and nutritional requirements.

In fact, elles® also brings pleasure to animal lovers themselves; our speciality products are hugely attractive to wild creatures and encourage them to linger at feeding stations for extended periods. This allows close observation of the animals, their behaviour and their well-being. It’s the little things that delight us, after all.

Species-appropriate pet food from elles® sends out a clear message to animal lovers of every age that we can all help to protect species and biodiversity, thereby making a gentle, positive mark on our world. A small contribution with big benefits!

IFS certified