Our mission

Only the best is good enoughspecies-appropriate pet food

We are a part of the medium-sized family business L. Stroetmann. Its values are deeply embedded in our DNA and explain the strong and growing level of trust placed in us by our customers. We stand for expertise and reliability, fairness, honesty and mutual respect.

What drives us is the well-being of pets of all kinds – as well as protecting biodiversity. Our daily mission is to provide high-quality, species-appropriate pet food for dogs, cats, birds, horses and rodents. In turn, this makes an important contribution to conserving nature and the environment.

Our parent company has more than 200 years’ experience of trading in high-quality foods. Backed by this focus on quality, we aim to continue spreading the message that species-appropriate pet food is the best option for our four-legged or feathered friends.

Our products, expertise and business are dedicated to that objective.

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