Happy and contentthanks to PRIMOX®

Dogs and cats are people’s most loyal friends, they just show it in different ways. Some prefer to stay near their owners, while others roam far and wide before returning for a well-deserved cuddle.

The products needed to make our four-legged friends happy and content are just as varied. Species-appropriate innovation is PRIMOX®’s speciality – whether for velvet-pawed felines or loyal canine companions.

Thanks to PRIMOX® products, animal lovers will always be in their treasured pet’s good books:

  • We offer KAUER and SNACKER for Fido, Rover, Bella and other wet-nosed friends. These species-appropriate chews are made from carefully selected ingredients using natural recipes. They are easily digestible, authentic and locally sourced.
  • Smudge, Ginger, Poppy and other kitties, meanwhile, benefit from the very latest generation of clumping litter. These products combine maximum hygiene with outstanding odour absorption and a baby powder scent for a fresher, nicer home.

As a family-run business from the heart of Germany’s Münsterland region, we pride ourselves on developing innovative, natural products tailored to the needs of our fluffy, four-legged friends. In doing so, we remain true to our local roots and reputation for reliability.

Sustainability is important to us

The PRIMOX® brand has a love of animals at its core. In addition to providing a species-appropriate range and products that meet the needs of all feline friends and canine companions, we attach particular importance to sustainability. Accordingly, the PRIMOX® range of clumping litter is also species-appropriate and climate-friendly. The special feature? A focus on sustainability. All new PRIMOX® clumping litter variants are packaged in carbon-neutral boxes, which are made of 93% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. Representing genuine added value for kitties, people and the environment.

Sustainability is also an important part of the PRIMOX® range for dogs. KAUER products are species-appropriate delicacies made from 100% natural sources and the best that Europe has to offer. These premium products come from Germany or neighbouring EU countries, making every morsel a chewy and sustainable delight. PRIMOX® SNACKER treats are not just a tasty snack for between meals, they are also much-coveted rewards given by dog owners during training or for good behaviour. Made in Germany, the various products contain 96% meat from aromatic beef to tender chicken and are ideal for any dog. It really will be love at first taste!