Excellent quality IFS certified

There’s a good reason why we set up our own production facility for rodent and bird feed in 2012. In order to guarantee you the very highest quality and species-appropriate pet food, we wanted complete control over the entire quality chain.

Based in Münster-Amelsbüren, the facility’s capacity and performance are outstanding. It features 120 individual silos, 16,000 sq m of warehouse space and a current output of some 30,000 t per year – enabling us to supply you reliably and consistently, even during seasonal peaks.

As professionals in free-flowing animal feed, our production facility complies with the higher level IFS standard and is certified accordingly. We don’t leave it there, though, we strive for exceptional quality and have demonstrated our ability to deliver on that ambition. Even among companies with higher level certification, we are well above the industry average. Our commitment to quality is unrelenting and all-encompassing.

Access to the A1 motorway is just a stone’s throw from our location in Amelsbüren. With efficient order picking and flexible, sophisticated logistics, we deliver an unparalleled level of service.